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Scented Candles for Weddings

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Katoa Collection provides scented candles for all kinds of events and sizes it really is up to you. We customize scents, jar sizes, designs, labels all as you choose for them to be. Add that natural island touch on every table with beautiful tropical scents.

We have a variety of beautiful scents that are made from natural ingredients. Our current scents in our Signature range are Coconut and Lime, Tropical Dream, Sweet Strawberry and Lemongrass. Our handmade candles provide a fresh aroma to each table for decor, a gift or our most common for your wedding bonbonniere gift to thank your guests.

Scented Soy Wax Candles for Weddings
Scented Soy Wax Candles for Weddings

 All our ingredients are sourced locally within Australia. We are adamant to always using Soy wax and Coconut wax as these are the most natural and clean waxes to use for candle making and even more so for the environment. These natural waxes assure that when our candles are lit, the scent from the added oils are clean burning with the most gorgeous aromas.

As our oils are sourced within Australia means they all adhere to IFRA standards. All Fragrance and Essential oils used are free from Phthalates which assures you are  being provided with no hidden harmful chemicals or plastics. Guests will be leaving with not only amazing smelling candles from their Bride and Groom, but will reminisce the day each time they light their Katoa Collection Candle.

Customised Scented Candles for Weddings

We understand some venues may have regulations with scented candles on premises as some guests/staff may have allergies. If this is the case we find that often couples can agree that simple is best and if so- we can help you here too. Our Soy and Coconut Wax is all natural and sill provides an elegant touch to your event. We can provide customised  non-scented candles for your event. Love goes into all our candles whether scented or not, no matter the jar size, no matter the event. At Katoa Collection, love into each project/event is a must and we like to know how our customers feel that passion no matter the occasion.

wood lid small scented candle for wedding events
wood lid small scented candle for wedding events

How much will Customised Wedding Candles cost?

You can contact us for a no obligation free quote right away. As each event is different, each pricing is different. Please let us know if you have a certain vision in mind, the time frame for your event, the number of items needed and if you have a preferred scent. We will have a look at your email and work our magic with a quote and be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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