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Hump Day Catch Up

Hello friends!

For those who don't know me yet- Florence here. I am the creator of Katoa Collection and the Yogi behind Coconut Yogi Youtube Channel. Aside from these labels as what i do for a living- as a human I am extremely passionate about self development, learning about what drives us, mental wellbeing, self care and true self love and I love to create.

Each Wednesday I'll be sharing a little Hump Day Catch Up with how my past week has been, new things I've learnt, life and just a raw and honest space to talk about my journey. The following topics will slide into today's blog. Self Development I am working on at the moment, skin care routine, business lesson and something new i am learning about.

Self Development: So... this topic could use a blog of its' own but here we go. Money, money, money. I've recently started thinking about learning about money. What i mean by that is learning about my relationship to money and really looking at my unconscious beliefs about money. Throughout our upbringing we may hear things from parents or carers that subconsciously we take on. Things like:

Sound familiar? And so we take these beliefs on too, often without even realising. I am currently doing an incredible course with MJB Seminars What i am enjoying the most about this course so far is the mindset shifts it helps to change as well as learning practical things about sorting your money out. Their belief is that self worth affects our net worth. When you have low self worth it will mean you have low net worth. An vice versa. When we work to increase our awareness and see our limiting blocks, we can create new relationships to money and more importantly to ourselves. Increasing our self worth, in turn raises our net worth. We believe we are worthy of succeeding and have the belief that we can achieve our dreams. If you are on a journey to learning more about money i would definitely check them out. They also have a great podcast called Dorothy and the dealer.

Skin Routine: Since January i have set out to focus on creating a skin routine and also getting to the root of my skin rather than just looking at skin products, also looking at supplements that support my skin. For the past 3 months I have been taking 2 products from The beauty Chef. The first being Collagen and the second being Glow Powder. When i delved into skin research, i found so many articles saying the health of your gut will show up in your skin. So I wanted to also find products that allowed my gut to heal too. Both of these beauty products allowed for that process to begin. Collagen has made my skin clearer on a consistent basis, brightened it and also given it natural moisture. I feel for a long time my skin was so oily. Now i feel it is more of a glow rather than an oily shine.

Secondly the GLOW powder has been incredibly healing for my gut. I experienced so much bloating, my bowel movements were so off, i was constipated a lot and i felt a lot of discomfort around my period. Often diving into your own health research can be a rabbit hole. I understand why so many choose to not do it, but i am so amazed at how changing one thing, leads to another. Everything in our body system is connected. So that's all it takes, focus on one thing and it will naturally progress into the next and the next and it doesn't feel so overwhelming. I felt the benefits of glow straight away -week one. I had less bloating, my bowel movements became regular (like TMI but to the minute) and i noticed having more energy. If you are on a skin/gut health journey check out their products. You can receive $10 off with this code down below too! #winning

Learning something new: With growth as one of my highest values i love learning new things. At the moment a new and exciting topic i am learning about is The Laws of the Universe. I always was so interested in energy since i found Yoga. Learning about how everything is made up from energy. I have it so interested that different emotions can hold energetic frequencies which in turn create our reality. So if we are constantly thinking of the bad and the negative, we will attract more of it. I felt like it was a bit woo-woo but learning the actual metaphysics behind it all has been so incredibly interesting. We are all emitting frequencies and energy all day every day, it's so interesting to learn how i can better support and manage my energy to serve me rather than limit me. A really great book to learn about energy and the healing powers we all have within when we become aware of it is by Louise Hay. You can heal your life book. It is an incredible read to becoming aware of the thoughts and energy we hold within and beginning a journey of healing letting go of traumas, negative self talk and self doubt. You can find the book right here on our site.

Business Lesson: This in simple at the moment I am really working on consistency being key within my business and outside of business too. Committing to showing up each day and getting things done.

I hope this blog inspires new thoughts, new habits or just a new conversation. Keep taking each day as it comes and do something for yourself today that your future self will thank you for.


Florence xx

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