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The importance of creating space & practical ways to do so

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

With many different hats being worn by all of us these days- it is easy to wear the "busy" badge with honour. I have had my fare share of gloating of how busy I am doing this and that and this other thing on top of these other 7 things too. Sound familiar? Or there would be other times where I didn't realise how much I had taken on and said yes to until i felt so fatigued. If you are a "do-er" you may find this challenging at first. I know, because i did too.

Creating space isn't just within our physical space. It is in our mental space too as well as in our relationships, our body and within moments on our day. Space begins with awareness and slowing down.

1. Space allows us to respond rather than react

The simplest and most effective way to begin creating space is with our breath. A few minutes each day taking a few mindful breaths of breathing in and slowly exhaling out. Start with just 10 rounds of breath with your full focus on that. Sit in a quiet space and close your eyes if it's comfortable and just count out 10 breaths. Just this act alone daily, will bring awareness to your thoughts and perhaps the many thoughts you have or the sameness of your thoughts. This focus on breath in moments of calm, allow us to create space in moments of difficulty. Often when we are annoyed or angry at X Y Z, we will quickly react. Coming to be aware of our breath allows us to have space in those moments. To breath and think about the situation and then respond in a way that is different to our usual reaction.

2. Space gives us room to de-stress

Clutter is stressful – every little item added to our lives is another item weighing on our lives. The stress that comes from a full inbox, a filthy desk, and a cluttered home is overwhelming. Even when we aren’t aware of its impact, we’re being weighed down mentally, emotionally and spiritually by the things that we hold on to. There are stories saturating the internet of people who report a noticeable weight being lifted off of their mind and spirit when they simplify their lives.

3. Space gives us room to love more

This one can be difficult for us. As humans we all want to be loved and accepted and so anything that may take that away can be uncomfortable. Taking a look at the people within your circle/community and evaluating if they adding or draining to your life and where you are heading. Sometimes we can hold people close who we know are taking away energy from us that we know we could be putting into the relationships that nourish us. When we can become clear on what we bring to the table, it allows us to be clear on the people who get a seat at your table. Letting some relationships go or reassuring yourself it is okay to not chase certain relationships allows you to have more love and energy for yourself and those who value you too.

4. Space gives us room to enjoy more of life

Often judgement, expectation and fear of failure takes up a lot of space energetically in our mind and bodies. Feeling tension in your neck and shoulders can often show up as feeling the need to please others, doing things because we feel we "should", or not doing things we want because of fears. Letting go of these from our mind and body. Journal out things that you would do if you have one week of financial freedom and time off work. What would you do? Get detailed and be clear. This will allow you to see where you may or may not be showing up for yourself. Write out your fears on a paper and burn the paper and a signifying of those fears not having a hold over you.

5. Space allows us to feel we have more time

This is my favourite. Time is something we can not get back and we can not get more of. We all have 24 hours. It is incredibly important to understand that. Look at your schedule, like your morning routine and do two lists. One of your dream morning. Write where'd you be waking up, where would you be living, who would you be with, what feeling would you want to feel as you woke up etc. Then write a second list of your current morning. Be detailed and clear. Compare your lists and see where you can start with just implementing ONE thing each morning to move you closer to your dream morning. Rather than doing things like starting you morning scrolling your phone, perhaps you get up and make breakfast and sit down to eat with your family. No technology. One hour on your phone flies by. Right? One hour could be spent, watching the sunrise, going for a walk, playing with your kids, doing something for yourself to grow. Just one hour. When you begin to think about time being currency, it truly makes you reflect on how you are spending and filling your time up with.

You don't need to do all these 5, i am speaking to my over-achievers in here hahaha (me). Just pick one thing. ONE. Start there. Just one. Creating space in my life has been an incredible practice for myself the past few months and this isolation period has shown me how much i appreciate it. The slowing down, the presence and the ease of my breath shows me this is truly a message i need to share about with others so they can experience their life with more ease and intention too.

Breathe, slow down and move gently my friends.



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