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Coconut Shell Candles 

Coconut Candle

We have added a beautiful range of Coconut Shell candles to our collection. Each Coconut Shell is unique as they are real coconuts which have been polished and handcrafted. Our candles are an invitation of bringing the tropical islands into your home aswell as an invitation to light your candle, slow down and practice Self Care. 

Coconut Candle – Scents

  • Coconut & lime

  • Tropical Dream

  • Lemongrass

  • White Lily Bamboo

  • Mango Mojito

Why buy this Coconut Candle?

Katoa Collection offers a range of candles that can be used for both the aroma as well as accentuating your home. We are lovers of the Tropical Islands and our Coconut Candle range is a perfect way to bring the outdoors, indoors. 

Coconut Candles can add that unique and tropical vibe into home, can be used as décor or even a perfect way to style an event. Our Coconut Candles are high quality and each are unique which means that no two alike. Some of our favourite ways to use our Coconut Candles are for Self Care moments- lighting your Coconut Candle when you are sitting down for a dinner date, enjoying a cheese platter and wine with the girls or unwinding in a beautiful bubble bath.

Our Coconut Candle will not only add a little something extra but also a beautiful aroma. 

Coconut Candle – Ingredients

Each of our Coconut Candles are made with high quality ingredients. All our candles are hand poured in Newcastle, NSW using Pure Soy wax. Pure Soy wax means it is a natural resource with no nasties and is biodegradable.


Our Coconut candles are a blend of Soy Wax and high quality oils creating beautiful aroma for our customers. Another benefit of Soy wax candles is that they burn slower than other waxes like Paraffin wax and also allow for a stronger scent throw. Soy Wax is a cleaner option when choosing candles and we pride ourselves on ensuring that each candle is not only high quality but clean and naturally sourced too. 


What do I do when my coconut candle shell is empty?

The beauty of purchasing our Coconut Candles is that we also offer the option of allowing previous customers to return their empty shells and we then send out a new one. We understand that you love candles just as much as we do and so we made sure we offered this service for you to feel good knowing that you are also helping the environment with less waste and allowing us to reuse our shells. Only shells which have been looked after are reused and so you can be confident in knowing that you are receiving high quality Coconut Candles each time. 

Local Dropoffs/Pickups Newcastle: You can fill out the form below to organise either a pickup from your address of your empty shells OR organise a dropoff to our location. 

Out of Newcastle: Please fill out the form and we will send a Postage bag within your next order to pop your empty shell inside and post back to us. 

Each refill coconut candle is discounted at 20%. 

Where do I sign up to have my empty coconut candles refilled?

You can visit the following link here and fill out the refill form. 

If this is not the right candle for you, check out our other candles here.

See more about Self Care Tips that we share daily on our Social Media. 

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