Hand Poured  I  Pure Soy Wax  l  Non Toxic  I  No Petroleum/Parrafin


From facials and bubble baths to Yoga and Inner Self Workshops. 

We understand that the journey to Self Care looks different for everyone, so we aim to meet you wherever you are.


Katoa Collection is 'More Than Candles'.

When an idea turned into a reality.

That reality sparked a dream. 

That dream has allowed me to grow and be closer to my purpose. 

My name is Florence and I am the face behind Katoa Collection and the hands that make the candles.

After spending many years of just waiting for whatever to happen, happen- I decided to take life into our my own hands. Literally. 

I began making candles as I soon realised after I moved out of home that 

1. I am a candle addict. 

2. Living out of home highlighted my step into adulthood and what my "plan" was for my life.

While I still don't have an exact plan for life, I have come to accept that life isn't meant to be planned.

Life is to be lived.

Candles have always reminded me to find rest, to set up a soothing environment to fill my cup and most importantly to stop and smell the roses, well- candles. 

My passion for helping others also find rest, fill their cup and to step more often from the busy-ness of life to take care of themselves is where Katoa Collection stands advocates for. 

Advocates for Self Care.

All our products support humans in their never-ending journey of self care, self love and inner self work. Our message is to always remind you, that you are important too. When we look after ourselves first, we give others the permission to do the same. The ripple effect is then we are better people, better partners, better parents, better humans. 

Let's take this self care journey together.