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Rest & Restore

80 minute Self Care Session for women that blends gentle yoga, deep rest meditation and journaling.

Dixon Park Surf Club

80 minute Class

Every Tuesday 6.30pm

Starts January 23rd

$30 per class OR $25 on weekly membership 

For women craving a yoga class that isn’t about the fancy poses but rather about the slowing down, the breath reminders and staying longer in the “lying down part” aka Savasana. For those not wanting to commit to the Yoga Studio but want to still experience the benefits in a light hearted environment.


You will be guided through gentle stretches which will then flow into Yoga Nidra meditation. A completely lying down practice for stress relief, relaxation and deep rest.

Each week we focus on a theme and at the end of each class we will spend time journaling and setting intentions for the week ahead.


The perfect invitation to keep you accountable to your goals no matter how big or small and end off the year feeling inspired, more calm and connected to self.


No experience in yoga, meditation or journaling needed.

Take a step toward total relaxation with our Yoga Nidra experience. Florence will guide you through a series of techniques designed to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and slip into a deep state of relaxation.


Research shows that Yoga Nidra can provide significant benefits for women, including reduced stress and anxiety and improved sleep quality. It is also said that just 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra Meditation can be as restful as 4 hours of deep sleep.

This Rest & Restore series will run over 7 weeks. Each class is different and focuses on something new to bring more awareness, calm and restoration to the mind and body.

Classes begin January 23rd

All classes start at 6.30pm at Dixon Park Surf Club.

Ticket includes all props and herbal tea. 

Book your spot so you don't miss out!

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