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Monthly Catch Up with Florence


I am so blessed to have you with me for another month of Self Care, Self Care and Self Discovery.

March has no doubt been a whirlwind but oh my goodness I am so grateful. I think of all the people who have been deeply affected by the news of everything happening at the moment and can't help but look at my life in absolute awe of how blessed I am. Gratitude has become even more of a self care tool for me in this past month.

I am so grateful every day for my health, my family's health and for having a safe place to call home. Through all the chaos I know for me it has truly blown away all the haze and shown me a crystal clear view of my values, what is important to me and why I am here on earth.

I have had a big burst of creative spark and self belief from both the calm and the chaos at the moment. Allowing the chaos to give me that kick up the butt to take action on my dreams/things I have been procrastinating and the calm has allowed me to be clear with WHY i am here on this earth.

I have been having a lot more time on my phone than I'd usually like but it has been another thing I am grateful for to be able to connect with my family and friends. On the topic of WHY i am here on this earth, I am ready to step into my true passion and power of Coaching Women to meeting their true potential through Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Journal writing and Self Discovery. As we navigate our way through this time I am riding this wave and allowing the energy to push me into doing the things that I was too scared to do but know that it is my calling.

On Sunday I shared on social media that i held my very first Group Call with women, creating a space for connection, grounding and meditation. IT LIT ME THE FUC* UP! Excuse the french, but I haven't felt so on path for a really long time. I will be releasing in the next few weeks offerings of online courses and workshops that I will be running. So keep an eye out! It's going to be amazing! This time is when people are going to be willing to take up something new and i encourage you to do the same too!

Is there something you have always wanted to learn? Maybe doing that online Yoga practice? Or maybe finding an online course to learn about Graphic Design? Or perhaps beginning to paint? Or doing those things around the house that you've been putting off?

I invite you- if it is possible for you, to take this time at home to rest and do the things that bring you joy and fill you up. Doing these things allow us to move away from fear and survival and into balance where our immune system is at is supported rather than suppressed.

I shared I made March my Meditation month and it is another thing I am truly grateful for. It has allowed me to create space between my thoughts and direct my focus to the things i CAN control rather than what i can not.

Three tips from me if you are beginning a Meditation practice too!

1. Set aside the time Meditate. Choose a time in your day and set an alarm on your phone to keep at it.

2. Start small. You don't need to sit for 2 hours, start with 1 minute and just focus on your breath. Or sit for 10 rounds of breath. And work your way up as you FEEL YOU need not what you THINK you need to do.

3. No judgement. This is last but he most important! When we begin to sit with our thoughts it can bring up a lot of thoughts and judgement. Do not allow your mind to talk you out of meditating. It will tell you things like "Oh you're not doing it right"...Oh this isn't for you...this is a waste of time..You could be doing something better right now." The list goes on. BE AWARE. Allow the thoughts to come and go and then bring your focus back to your breath.

Breathing technique for meditation:

Counting your breathe is incredibly helpful. Inhale through your nose like smelling a rose. Breathe through your mouth like blowing out a candle.

Inhale and count in your mind 1 2 3

Exhale and count in your mind 1 2 3 4 5

Repeat for 10 rounds.

Well done you just Meditated!

Take care of yourselves and each other!



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