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What is happiness?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

What makes you happy?

Not your parents, your partner, your family, your friends, not the followers on social media- you.

We must become accountable for our own choices and for not being where we wish we were in life. Sometimes we can hold self doubt in ourselves and so we stay in the bubble of having other people make choices for us, validate us and judge us so then that way it is "their fault" and not our own.

It is no wonder why so many of us are searching for this "happiness" and have no idea what it even looks life for ourselves. To truly go on the journey to finding our own happiness in our self we must take accountability for our own life.

So often we buy things and do things to impress others, we buy bags and shoes and whatever else we feel will fill the void of not feeling enough. Whether we can afford it or not we fill our homes and our lives to seek validation from people who at the end of the day, we don't even know or like.

Every time we don't follow our own gut instincts we lower our own self belief in making choices,every single time. We think we are making other people happy by doing what they want, but it is only creating resentment.

It is much easier to blame someone else for something not going right than to look at our ourselves.

Gary Vee brings a point about writing a list of the people whose opinions matter to you and then going through all of them and communicating that you are not happy and you are making a change. Making a change to seeking your own definition of happiness without their expectations.

Only you know you, so why are we letting someone else's judgement dictate our behaviour?

It is so important for us to look at our life and create what we truly believe is happiness for ourselves. It is also important to understand that being truly happy looks different for everyone. What you find happiness in, may not do the same for me. I have a handful of people who i have spoken to in my life recently who have straight out told me they are truly happy with where they are at in life at moment. That is less than 5 people.

They are no millionaires, they don't own 3 homes, they're not driving Range Rovers. It is many variables at play but the simple fact that they fully understand that they are in control of their life and they are not gripping to anyone else's opinions, judgements or expectations of them.

They have accountability for their own life.

Gary Vee says something that really hit home for me in this podcast.

"I'd rather cry in my Ferrari"
It is a BS statement. People who say it don't know what it is truly like to cry or experience depression. It is real.
I'd rather be happy AF catching a bus.

What makes you happy?

Who or what is holding you back from living it?

I am currently on my own journey to defining happiness and success for myself. It is a never ending one I am sure of it and like everything in life- forever changing.


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