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What are Essential oils?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

If like me, you have been noticing these oils that everyone is using and talking about and thinking what the hell are these magic oils? This is for you.

I heard about essential oils a few years ago but never took too much interest in them until last year when my sister in law and a friend re-introduced to me. I started doing my own research on the benefits of them until one day I was asked "what are essential oils'?. I blurted out "Oh they are these oils that are natural and you can rub them on your body to feel better". Seems crazy, but in the simplest form it was the truth. I figured though- if someone said that response to me I would shrug it off and not think of it again thinking they were crazy.

The thing that got me in to researching about them was my friends telling me about how I could replace my period pain tablets with rubbing this oil on my belly and having a heat pack. I thought- girl, you crazy. Until one day I tried it and it actually worked. It didn't completely take away the pain but it was more so that relieved most of the pain and I didn't have to take Nurofen to do so was relieving for me.

Okay so now that I had an experience where I saw the oils at work- what actually are they? Just as you walk through a forest with eucalyptus trees and smell the scent or when you smell a lemon and it invigorates you- this is what essential oils are. They are extracts of roots, stems, flowers, leaves, resins and rinds of plants. These aromatic compounds from the plants are taken and distilled to make Essentials oils a powerful tool for maintaining family health.

As someone who has taken different medications,Panadol and Nurofens for any time I felt sickness, pain or suffering- I now see that they are not our only options. While I do know we can weigh up a $2 packet of Panadol versus a $30 oil, it is so easy to take the cheaper alternative. It is a choice that we make daily and I hope that my journey in to learning about alternative healing encourages a journey for you too. I am in no way saying throw out all your panadols, but becoming more open minded about how we are using/taking in to our bodies to deal with our pain. Is it really a choice? Or is it something that we have become accustomed to?

Lavender oil has become an oil I use daily. Every morning and night after I shower I rub some oil into my temples, behind my ears and back of my neck. It helps to relieve stress and brings me so much calm and in turn has brought me better sleep. It is a great beginner oil and I will share more of it's benefits in a another blog but if you are wanting to try one oil- I definitely recommend Lavender.

I also have found surrounding myself with people in the Natural Health scene helps me with my questions and journey too. The following are pages I encourage you to follow on social media as they share so many great insights in to essential oils and natural healing remedies.



A little business run by a mama bear with 3 little babies. (I know right? How does she do it?) Rhiannon is a world of information for all things crystals, oils, energy healing and more. I have sourced many products from Rhi and they are always high quality AND eco-friendly packaged.


I haven't met Nikki personally but she has shared so much relevant information for me and my body. Her main purpose is sharing knowledge about having healthy periods and bringing light to natural ways of doing so.


This is a wonderful page of health professionals in the natural health corner. They share all about how to eat for your individual body while sharing tips for nourishing yourself from the inside out with all natural and ethical products/foods.

Keep safe & be well friends, until next time.


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