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Sunday Siesta: 
75 minute rest immersion for women

Come and soak in this 75 minutes of Rest Immersion. An event specially created for women and mothers to come and experience what true self care and deep rest feels like. To take off all the hats you wear in your day to day, press pause on your to do lists and switch off. 

An afternoon invitation to help unwind the busy mind, to slow down enough to relax and experience deep rest. A completely lying down practice that blends restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra Meditation. None of the fancy stuff, just bringing back the basics of rest - comfort, lying down warmth and safety.

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You will be guided to turn the volume down of the external world that often be so noisy, and take a moment to turn inwards. To find that place where you are completely relaxed enough to let go of the to do lists, the obligations and #LifeAdmin things. This space of bliss where some women feel so relaxed they can fall asleep, or some can feel relaxed they dance between awake and sleep.


This is the place where our body truly begins to soften, release tension and create feel good hormones.


Maroubra location


Merewether location

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