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1:1 Private Rest Session

90 minute private Rest Session for deep relaxation, tea ceremony
& self nurturance.

Currently on special offering, bookings made this month receive $30 off. 
Usually $150

Deep Rest Sessions are a 90 minute personalised deep rest immersion. 


Florence guides deep rest sessions which help people to release stress, switch off and come into deep comfort that allows you to deeply restore the mind and body. 

These sessions guide you through the ancient healing practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation. This is a completely lying down practice that focuses on bringing the body to complete comfort with blankets, pillows, eye masks and essential oils. In this state of comfort, Florence takes you through exploring body awareness, visualisation, sensation and breathing practices. Helping you to move into a deep state of bliss through guidance, support, massage and pressure point release.

At the end of the practice, Florence will then hold a mini tea ceremony for you to help soak in the rest medicine. Tea ceremony is a beautiful and sacred ritual for grounding you into your body and the present moment. We will sit and be with whatever you are feeling after your practice, reflect on your journey and allow you space to simply be. 

Florence creates a deeply nurturing and personalised experience to suit you and what your intentions are for how you wanting to feel leaving your session. Whether the session is booked for deep rest, for navigating change, for relieving fatigue, for mothering, for post partum, for pregnancy, for transitioning through big life moments or simply for a moment of self care - trust that our time together will leave you feeling seen, held and rested. 

**No experience in yoga or meditation needed.

**For the most restful experience for you, please have care for little ones so you can truly be able to immerse yourself in this experience.

Bookings take place at your own home.
Everything is provided & set up for you.

90 minute Rest Session
Tea ceremony
Oracle card pull (optional)
Self Care Gift
Travel fee may apply.
What is Yoga Nidra Meditation?

Yoga Nidra, often referred to as "yogic sleep," is a form of guided meditation that has been practiced for centuries. It's a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, induced by a guided meditation.

The most beautiful part is that it is all about comfort and is practiced lying down with blankets, pillows, eye pillows and essential oils. While it can be done simply just lying down, I love to use these extra nurturing rest tools to allow you to move into even deeper rest.

How Yoga Nidra helps to bring you into a deep state of rest & relaxation
  • Deep Relaxation State: Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Participants usually lie down in a comfortable position (Savasana), close their eyes, and follow the voice of the instructor.

  • Guided Meditation: It involves a series of instructions given by a teacher that leads you through a relaxing journey across your body, breath, and mind. The practice often includes body scanning, breath awareness, and visualization techniques.

  • Consciousness Exploration: Though it's often translated as "yogic sleep," the goal is to remain in a state of semi-awareness. It's about reaching the border between asleep and awake states, where profound relaxation and awareness merge.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra Meditation for Rest
  • Deep Relaxation: By systematically relaxing the body and mind, Yoga Nidra helps reduce physical tension and mental stress. It shifts the nervous system from a state of arousal to one of calm, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and healing.

  • Releases Stress and Anxiety: The practice helps in calming the mind and reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. It enables practitioners to explore and release negative emotions and thought patterns, encouraging a state of balance and peace.

  • Enhances Self-awareness: Regular practice of Yoga Nidra allows individuals to delve into deeper levels of the subconscious and unconscious mind, promoting greater self-awareness and insight. This can lead to profound self-discovery and personal transformation.

  • Improved Sleep and Health: It can be a powerful tool for combating insomnia and improving sleep patterns. The deep relaxation techniques can help improve overall health, reduce blood pressure, and improve immune system function.

  • Emotional Healing: By creating a deeply restful state, Yoga Nidra can facilitate healing from various emotional traumas and distressing experiences, allowing individuals to process and integrate these experiences in a supportive and gentle way.

  • Reconnecting with the Self: The practice encourages a deep sense of stillness and inner peace, helping practitioners reconnect with their true selves. It allows for a quiet space to explore what you need to release and where you need to focus your energy.

  • Enhancing Mindfulness and Presence: It trains the mind to be more present and mindful, which can enhance clarity, focus, and concentration in daily life.

  • Cultivating Wholeness: Yoga Nidra supports the journey towards feeling whole, balanced, and integrated, promoting a sense of harmony within oneself and with the world.

Yoga Nidra is a transformative practice that offers profound benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. It aids in relaxation, stress release, and fostering a deeper connection with oneself, leading to increased well-being and a sense of inner peace.

Private Rest Session is a beautiful experience for giving back to yourself

Booking in a session for any stage of mothering, life or change. Allowing yourself this experience for nurturing you through:

- post partum

- pregnancy

-navigating transition and change

-welcoming the new rhythm of motherhood

-grieving loved ones

-wholesome self care

-supporting your mothering journey

-supporting your mental wellbeing

-deeper connection or reconnection to your self/your body

No matter what you are navigating through in life, rest, stillness and connection are deeply supportive in reminding you of your power. 

All Private Rest Sessions are held by Florence. A mindfulness, yoga and womens rest facilitator. Read more HERE.

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