After having my two kids, I am ready to get fit.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019


Sharing her Mama Health Journey

When I first met this beauty of a woman we clicked straight away. Moana is so down to earth, hilarious and of course as the now wifey of my cousin, she won my heart over giving me free drinks at Star Bar (yes, i know) when i first turned 18. Almost ten years later our conversations together are now quite different- mixed between her kids, our health goals, her trying to learn Japanese and our spiritual journeys. Most importantly she’s also the mama of my beautiful God-daughter and Sumo nephew. Being married to a Rugby Player, her hubby’s job often brings them amazing opportunities to live in different parts of the world. This obviously means when he needs to move, the whole family moves- so they currently now reside in Tokyo, Japan. As I have shared my own fitness journey in the past with you, I wanted to interview with Moana on her Journey in to better health and being a mum. I hope it brings inspiration and encouragement in your Journey too.

Q: What encouraged you to begin your journey in to Better Health?

Moana: I had lost a lot of weight before my wedding (def stress related). Once I got married I quickly stacked on the weight and on top of that weight I fell pregnant which led me to gain an extra 25kg. I then decided to ‘actively’ try to lose weight after my firstborn but then fell pregnant again, after only managing to lose about 5kg Now that I’ve given birth to my 2nd child I’ve been trying to get healthy for about 2 years now.

A big factor for me starting my journey is definitely trying to keep up with my children is a big aspect of keeping healthy. Secondly there are also a few diseases and health issues that family members are dealing with and I really want to prevent it as much as I can rather than wait for treatment.

Q: I know you started a Health Page on Instagram ,what inspired you to share your journey publicly?

Moana: It started as just a journal for myself to keep my accountable yet also allowed me to see how far I came in my journey. By sharing this I realised I had quite a few cousins that were going through the same sort of journey so it also allows me to stay motivated.

Q: What have you found the most difficult since starting?

Moana: The most difficult part is probably realizing