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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Been feeling a bit stuck lately with a few things but mainly it has been mentally. The circle of knowing I need to do something but not doing it. Kind of like knowing you should go to the gym but instead just staying in bed and then later on beating up on yourself about it. This has been the cycle I have been in as of late, not so much about going to the gym but more so personal things, business things and just life things.

Sometimes being stuck mentally is so hard to get out of. Have you ever felt this? I have a fair bit of change coming up with moving up the coast from Sydney, changing jobs and just in general a change of environment. I feel really excited but a part of me yesterday came home from the local shops and felt really nostalgic. This feeling of not wanting change and wanting to just stay where I am, stay in my same job and come home to my same place and do my same routine but then also not wanting "the sameness". It's weird to describe.

There's this feeling of being mentally stuck and wanting to take action and change but then physically going through change and not wanting to go through it. Sometimes I share on my Instagram some really good quotes written by others and it completely sums up how i feel. I love those. One that I really resonate with right now is below.

" The universe only has three answers.
1- Yes.
2- Not right now.
3- I have something better in store for you".

More often than not it's not necessarily that your life is falling apart that you come to feel stuck. The feelings come when there is no real threats or reasons to feel it, you just do, and that is okay. If you're in this weird space of your journey right now too, know that you are not alone. Do some small things to get you by until you feel like yourself again. I write this as I sit here eating left over spag bowl. Last night after a whole day of feeling this mental whirlwind I trekked off to the shops and bought ingredients to make dinner, came home poured a Gin and Tonic, threw some Whitney Houston on the ipod and danced around while cooking. No thinking, just being. Sometimes that's what we need to find our way out of a rut.


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