Should I take the leap out of my comfort zone?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

You know how you always read those stories or hear about those people who leave their long time careers to chase a dream? Then you think of what it would be like to do exactly that and you reflect on your life- Basically this was me just a few months ago. What they dont tell you though is that it’s scary as shit! Exciting… but scary!

About 3 months ago in August I made the choice to hand in my resignation at my Cafe job and enrolled into a Yoga Teacher Training Course that started this October. I found my love for yoga again earlier this year after feeling so caught up in the rat race and my re-occuring back pain.

I would be rushing in to my class feeling unsettled, drained and run-down and I would leave the studio feeling lighter, clearer and calm. Even if just for the hour and a half class it really grounded me in the present moment, to watch my thoughts and really reminded me to INHALE and EXHALE and breathe. I think Oktay (fiance) would vouch for me everytime I’d come home from yoga and he’d tell me “I really notice the days you go to yoga.”

It really reminded me of what I value in life and in general just made me feel like a better person, who wouldn’t want more of that?

After realizing that my time at my work was numbered, it really bought on a lot of fear and anxiousness for the unknown. “What if it doesn’t work out? What if I run out of my savings? What if people judge me? What if no-one turns up to my classes?” I began to think of every reason to NOT do this and even talked myself in to thinking I was way too “busy” and almost put off my course til next year, knowing deep down it was really just fear creeping through. I was swiping through Instagram and came across a quote that I had read before but seeing it again really made me understand it completely because of where I stood in my journey- caught in between comfort, passions and fear.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there

About 3 months ago in August I made the choice to hand in my resignation at my Cafe job and enrolled into a Yoga Teacher Training Course that started this October. I found my love for yoga again earlier this year after feeling so caught up in the rat race and my re-occurring back pain. “your people” especially in your career. At the end  of the day though I was coming home tired from being on my feet all day and just wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I really wanted to spend my days doing things that really lit me up and helping people along the way. I didn’t just want a job I wanted my lifestyle to really reflect my career, not the other way around.

True growth really does come from putting yourself out there. If you think of all the best lessons in life you have learnt, majority of them come from the times in life where you were scared, struggling or uncomfortable. This past week I went through my first week of Yoga Teacher training and it has been an incredible eye-opener for all the small reasons. For the fact of being surrounded by like-minded people, being out of my comfort zone, studying being present, having 2-3 hour yoga practices, really looking at parts of your life that can be even better and in general really making me believe that the universe really brings you to where you need to be in life.

Going in to a change of career and in to a completely new journey of marriage, the value of being grounded in my values and de-cluttering my mind, it could not have come at a more timely moment in my life journey. I have met an amazing group of people in my course so far who are so raw and honest about their journey, their past and whats bought them to the course.

Something common among all of their stories is just the simple fact of them wanting to be “their better self”. How cool is that? I’ll be spending the next month surrounded by people committed to making themselves better because they understand- they can reach any goal/place/success in their life, but if they’re not happy and loving themselves first, well whats the point? It makes me very grateful for Yoga and the many lessons it has already taught me, not only on the Mat but more importantly off the mat- in my every day life so far.

I won’t lie, each day I still wake up with a little bit of fear of the unknown caught in my throat- but my curiosity and gratitude for the journey easily washes that down. I read somewhere that sometimes the best chapters of our life do not have a Title until much later and I absolutely love it. I am learning to really trust in my journey and where it is taking me, something that I really struggle to do actually- to let things be as they are and not grip on to expectation.

Yoga so far has taught me that sometimes we continue to be on the same page because we have not yet learnt the lesson. I am finally able to turn to a new page and am loving what it is written on it so far.

If there is something keeps popping up in the back of your mind, or you keep wishing for or something that lights you up when you talk about it- GO AFTER IT. Look at what it is thats holding back from being your “better self”, because you are worth living the best life that you are dreaming of.

From one dreamer to another,

Flo xxx

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