Should I take the leap out of my comfort zone?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

You know how you always read those stories or hear about those people who leave their long time careers to chase a dream? Then you think of what it would be like to do exactly that and you reflect on your life- Basically this was me just a few months ago. What they dont tell you though is that it’s scary as shit! Exciting… but scary!

About 3 months ago in August I made the choice to hand in my resignation at my Cafe job and enrolled into a Yoga Teacher Training Course that started this October. I found my love for yoga again earlier this year after feeling so caught up in the rat race and my re-occuring back pain.

I would be rushing in to my class feeling unsettled, drained and run-down and I would leave the studio feeling lighter, clearer and calm. Even if just for the hour and a half class it really grounded me in the present moment, to watch my thoughts and really reminded me to INHALE and EXHALE and breathe. I think Oktay (fiance) would vouch for me everytime I’d come home from yoga and he’d tell me “I really notice the days you go to yoga.”

It really reminded me of what I value in life and in general just made me feel like a better person, who wouldn’t want more of that?

After realizing that my time at my work was numbered, it really bought on a lot of fear and anxiousness for the unknown. “What if it doesn’t work out? What if I run out of my savings? What if people judge me? What if no-one turns up to my classes?” I began to think of every reason to NOT do this and even talked myself in to thinking I was way too “busy” and almost put off my course til next year, knowing deep down it was really just fear creeping through. I was swiping through Instagram and came across a quote that I had read before but seeing it again really made me understand it completely because of where I stood in my journey- caught in between comfort, passions and fear.