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Simple ways to improve your morning

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

As a barista I can't tell you the amount of times i would say "Good Morning" to a customer and get the reply "Ha! Good? what's so good about it?". It's a tough crowd out there. Which is why it made me want to share some simple ways to change up your morning from feeling depleted and unmotivated to starting your day on the right foot and feeling good.

1. Keep off technology

I can't tell you how many times I run late for things, don't do things or forget to do things because I have woken up and grabbed my phone as soon as I wake up. A good way is to leave your phone away from your bed or in another room so that way it is already done. (See night time routine for this.) While our phones help us to do many thing better, it also brings with it some undercover stresses- something we do not want first thing in the morning. Whether it is scrolling through Instagram seeing unrealistic photos or checking emails of customers asking for this and that. These little things creep into our minds putting us in reactive mode straight away. Buying an old school alarm clock has been great for getting me out of the mindset that I "need" phone near me for my alarm. If there is one change you take away, this is it.

2. Gratitude Moments

Put a little jar and notebook next to your bedside table. Each night before bed write one or a few things you are grateful for, when you wake up in the morning read this list. Take a moment to lie in bed with your eyes closed and visualise these things. Often we feel a moment of gratitude for someone and then 5 minutes later we have forgotten. This affirming act in the morning is a great way to set the mood for your morning from unmotivated to grateful. Even just looking up some quotes online writing them in a notebook and then reading one each day is another great way to set the tone for your day.

3. Meditation

Take a moment in the morning to sit and just be. Making a little challenge for yourself to start of to just close your eyes, sit comfortably and take 20 deep slow breathes. As you inhale counting to 4 and exhaling slowly for a count of 6. Slowly each day maybe increasing the number of breathes or even doing a short body stretch or Yoga practice. So many of us are hopping out of bed and rushing to this and do that and here and be there, our mind isn't easing into the day. Instead it is on hyper activity and stress. Taking this time to just take some deep mindful breaths allows our mind to be calm and start the day with clarity rather than clouded with Beyonce's Instagram photos or Greg's package delivery etc. Take this time for yourself- you deserve it.

4. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier

Now this is one is still one that I am learning about. As a serial alarm "snoozer" with 8 different alarms I know this is hard. So you're telling me to wake up 15 minutes earlier than I have to? Yes, yes I know. Its an extra 15 minutes that you get to spread across the morning. It might extra 2 minutes in the shower, extra 5 minutes laying in bed, extra 4 minutes for meditation. These are sneaky ways to steal a little bit more time. I haven't completely mastered this one yet but I did go through a phase of doing this everyday and it made a world of difference not too mention was so much nicer going to work to meeting people and not running late for once!

I hope these small simple acts help to make your "morning" into a "good morning!" my friends. Let me know any tips you might have about waking up on the right side of the bed!


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