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How to manifest your 2020 & beyond.

Welcome to this new decade! We're at the first few pages of your new year.

This time of year can often bring about many emotions for us all. Feelings of motivation, of anxiousness, of excitement and feelings of new energy with the "new year, new me" vibes. What happens though when these "good vibes" fade mid January?

This is the first start of the year where i have truly felt proud of myself for creating where i am now. Making different choices over the past year especially and facing off with so many parts of myself and working through many layers of fear and self doubt. The past few months i often ask myself "who am i to live this good life?". To wake up, walk over to the beach, come home and do Yoga, to spend my afternoons pouring candles, creating and sharing content with people and feel good. Obviously it's not always rainbows and butterflies but f* a good portion of my past year year has been.

Last year in February i wrote out my "dream day" and at the time didn't even know it was a thing called Manifesting. I am living this dream day at the moment and it's exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting that it means I have changed and grown, scary though because now I can't hide behind my "stories" anymore that i am not capable of something. Scary to truly begin to realise the real power we hold within ourselves to truly create what we want. It also means that obviously i didn't dream big enough, which is where i am at now. Choosing to dream bigger for myself this year and level up. Did i manifest this? Yes, but manifesting alone won't work. It is a cocktail mix of journal writing, dreaming big, gratitude, choosing change and letting go.

I posted on my Instagram (@coconutyogi_) the other day talking about ourselves being our own best story tellers.


"Now ain't that the truth. I often talk about watching the energy of the people around us, the most crucial part of it all is becoming conscious of the energy we hold within ourselves.

We are our own best story tellers. Very often we are telling the same stories, with the same characters just dressed up in different costumes. Doing the same shit day in and out and wondering why we're not where we "dream" to be. We do this because we love our comfort zones. Whatever we want to believe we'll find every story to make it to be true. What happens when we change the story? Change happens. My biggest fear in life is to be in the same place this time next year as i am now. There are very few people in life who will tell you what you "need" to hear over what "you" want to hear. Be that person for yourself."

What i reflected on as i wrote this caption is learning the importance of our ownership in how we CHOOSE to live our life. Let's choose change for ourselves.

Schedule in 30 mins for this practice of manifesting your 2020.

Manifesting is all about bringing your energy into high vibrations with what you want to attract in your life- the law of attraction. By changing our inner world and thinking ,we change our outer world.

1. Grab your journal & write out your DREAM day/week/year/decade/life.

Get specific. Write about how you would life to spend your dream day. When would you wake up? Where will you be living? How do you want to feel? Who will you spend your time with? Will you be working? If so, what would your work be? Dare to dream, write everything!

Important:Write this all not as the future, but as if you are already living this life now. Be very specific. Both of these points are super important. It triggers your mind and body to believe this to be true already and helps to filter opportunities that can help you and get rid of what does not. Our brain can not tell what is real and what is "imagined", so it cements in our brain that these things we are writing are already reality and so our body behaves like it is.


DREAM DAY: This morning i woke up feeling so good energetically. I had 8 hours sleep and got out of bed feeling energetic and excited for my day ahead. I rolled out my mat outside in the sun and meditated and then did yoga. I came inside to have my tea and went for a walk on the beach with Oktay. We then went for a swim and had breakfast together. I then went home to start on my Event candles for the orders coming up this weekend. I went to open "The Meet Up" space and get it ready for my Yoga class i am teaching this afternoon. The meet up has only been opened for 3 months and is already doing so well. We have so many events coming up within our space this month and being able to have other small business people join in has been the best. Tomorrow Oktay and I go to look at a Camper van to get for our road trips and am so excited for it! I met mum for lunch today and we chatted about our upcoming family trip. Feeling very grateful! About to sit down for dinner with Oktay and reflect on our day.

DREAM DECADE: This past decade has been my best yet. Feeling the best I have felt both physically and mentally. Being able to travel and road trip with my little family in our campervan has been a dream come true. Seeing and having new experiences together is something I've dreamed of since my 20's. Oktay and I are in the best part of marriage so far as we become parents together and our best selves individually. Taking care of our health has been a big part of it. Both our businesses are growing and are still filling our cups the same way it did when we open our Event space and his warehouse and have been able to meet an awesome community of other business owners to learn and grow with. Financially we have learnt so much over this past decade and it has allowed us to be in a place where our finances are allowing us to help others grow their dreams. We're about to celebrate 11 years of marriage and what a ride it has been so far, we're about to start a new business together. Unsure of where it will lead but feel really excited for it. Next year we plan to live abroad with our little family for 12 months as my online business has allowed us to do so.

2. Write down what feelings you want more of going into this new year.

Again, list these all. Whatever comes into your mind there is no right or wrong answers. It may help to think of feelings you felt a lot of this year that weighed you down and then write down the opposite. So if you felt really drained this year, write down you want to feel more energised. Perhaps you felt disconnected and alone this past year, writing down I want to feel more connection and love this year.

Then write down what things you can do that bring you more of these feelings.



I want to feel more compassion, loving, energetic, calm, gratitude, excitement, determined, focused, clarity, authentic, at ease, lighter both physically and mentally, inspiring and inspired, healthy from the inside out.

What brings me these feelings? When I am with family, getting enough sleep, eating well, doing Yoga, exercising, being by the beach, doing fun new things, having growth in my business, spending time alone, travelling, helping others, creating connection with others.

3. Release any negative emotions and emotional blockages.

On a separate piece of paper write down any negative emotions you have been feeling. Write any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving this dream life you have written for yourself. Let it all out. Again, there is not right or wrong answers.

Once you have finished, read through this list and notice the feelings in your body. Do you start to tighten? Does your heart beat faster? Do you feel tension in parts of you body?

Negative emotions when they are not released, stay and live in parts of our bodies and show up as pains, aches, ailments and in turn show up in our words and then our actions. When we release them our energy can flow through easily and allows space for our intentions to flow into us more easily.

Once you are done, rip up or safely burn this paper and dispose of it. This act of throwing away is cleansing and allows you to physically feel the action of getting rid of these negative emotions from you.


Negative Emotions: Run down, judgemental, not appreciative, impatient.

Limiting Beliefs: Not having the perfect timing, not feeling ready or good enough, fear of failure, being too busy.

4. Feel thankful for your blessings.

I don't need to go on about the benefits of making gratitude a daily practice, but what i will note is when doing this exercise give thanks for all your DREAM goals too, as if they have already come to fruition.

Once you are done re-read your list and feel it in your body. Notice any changes. Notice how you feel- Does this list bring joy? Does it bring a sense of peace?


I am so grateful today for being able to own my own Event space.

I am grateful for my familys health.

I am grateful for my financial growth.

I am grateful to be able to make a living doing what i love. To teach Yoga, run wellness events and make candles.

I am grateful to do 3 months travelling without any financial pressure.

5. Create changes and CHOOSE them.

Now that you have the framework of what life you want to create, believe wholeheartedly that it already is. Do not dwell and grip onto all your intentions. Acknowledge them and act accordingly. Look at your DREAM day, what is on there that you can include into your day right now? Look at your list of feelings you want to feel and read through your list of what brings those feelings for you. What can you incorporate into your week THIS week? Envision your dream intentions you wrote for yourself, whether it was a day/year or decade and make some plans of what you need to do to achieve this.

Choose the changes that you decide to create for yourself. Do not and i repeat do not, take the whole world today. "Small hinges open big doors." Remember it is all the small choices we make daily that lead to the big dream. I re-read my Manifestation Journal every 3 months. Not to dwell but to remind myself of what i was choosing for myself and for some direction. Know that you intentions can change and that's okay. Sometimes we can get caught up in the daily grind and sweep some commitments under the rug, a day or two is fine. I know for me i can not sweep for more than 3 days, it gets so hard mentally to come back on track.

Small changes everyday, making the hard decisions, getting grateful and believing you are the creator of your own dreams. Dream for YOU, not even for the dream, but for the person you become when those dreams become reality. The big takeaway from my manifesting journey so far is to DREAM BIGGER. I always got caught up the "be realistic" buzz and never let myself dream big enough. Imagine the world today if we all had the thinking of "being realistic". I always use to hear the saying that if you shoot for the moon, you'll at least be among the stars". Landing among the stars is different for us all, it might be a family, a home, to fly a plane, to become famous, own a successful business, to be healthy, to run a marathon, the list goes on. Whatever it is, you can attract it.

Reflecting on the past decade, never in a million years would i think my life would be how it is right now. This decade my manifesting is going up a level that's for sure.

Wising you guys so much good energy into your manifesting journey!


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