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5 Tips For Having Better Sleep

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

*Yawn* Morning my Coconut Yogis.

It is no secret that we are living in a time of letting how busy we are define how successful we are. The follow through is that we are a generation of over-worked, run-down, tired humans. While we continuously look to "getting away" or taking a holiday to reset and rest, it is a short term fix. How many times have you gone on holiday, come back only to feel like you had never left?

While holidays are a beautiful experience, wouldn't you want to take one to enjoy it rather than because you're tired? I definitely have felt this. So I changed my thinking from "I need a holiday" to what are small changes I can make so I can sleep better? Sleep is crucial. It is our bodies time to heal and rejuvenate from our day. When we are not sleeping well, it means our bodies are not able to perform at their best.

I am going to share with you 5 ways you can invite better sleep and rest in to your routine each night. The best part? It is all things you can start today & are all free!

1. Disconnect from technology 60 minutes before bed.

This was the number 1 part that has changed my sleeping routine the most. I encourage you to switch the TV off and grab a book instead. Move your phone charger away from your bed either to the other side of the room or even put it to another room completely. I have moved mine into the kitchen next to my kettle. So rather than snoozing my alarm and rolling over, I have to physically get out of bed and while I am at it, I turn the kettle on for my morning tea. This is a tough one but it is number 1 because it is my biggest distraction. Being mindful to disconnecting from technology allows our minds to wind down rather than be distracted by TV or scrolling on our phones.

2. Clear your beside table.

Isn't it so true that we feel better when our spaces are clean? Clear your bedside to only what is absolutely needed. Get rid of anything that is not for bedtime. When our minds see clutter, our mind becomes cluttered. Keep it minimal and only to what will enhance your rest time. Spray and wipe down your table to clear off any dust. My bedside table has essential oil, a candle, my alarm clock and book.

3. Make yourself a Herbal tea.

Avoid coffee, soft drinks, alcohol before bed. These kinds of drinks are stimulants and can awaken the body and increase adrenaline. A great thing for starting our day, but not for ending our day. l like to keep it real and some nights I will have a glass of red wine with dinner but in the hour lead up to getting ready for bed I will always have a Chamomile tea. These teas are calming and soothing for the body and can help to relieve stress. Perfect for inviting the mind and body to knowing it is time to rest.

4. Invite Meditation or Yoga into your evening

Both Meditation and Yoga are practices that the most successful people in the world incorporate into their daily routine. Surely that's saying something. Set up a little spot next to your bed, your lounge room or balcony for time to go inwards. Yoga is the perfect practice to unwind the body physically and mentally. With guided meditation and breath work while stretching out the body, it is my ultimate life hack for better rest. So much so that I provide beginner friendly free Yoga videos here.

5. Gratitude Journal

Grab a paper or spare notepad and write down 2 things you are grateful for from your day. This is an amazing way to set the mind to a place of thinking from gratitude rather than fear or stress for whats to come or what has gone wrong in your day. So often we lose sleep or restless because our minds are in overthinking. The act of physically writing and not just thinking about what we are grateful for, changes the physical form of our bodies. Our faces become relaxed, the jaw releases, our shoulders release tension and the mind releases endorphins. Even on the days you feel overwhelmed and can't find gratitude, looking back on your past notes will help to bring you back to what really matters. This factor shows that sleep is more than just having a good mattress, it goes beyond physical to mental. If you wish to start a daily gratitude practice I have the perfect Gratitude box.

Hope this piece finds you well my friends. Sending love and a whole lot of better rest your way!

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