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5 Minute Gratitude Practice

Hello my Coconut Yogis!

Just here to bring a mini check in with our mind, body and breath. With the long weekend ahead having an extra day, I encourage you to find 5 minutes to yourself before ticking off your to-do list.

Take a walk outside into fresh air and under the sun.

1. Use your breath to bring stillness to your mind.

Our minds can always pull us into the busyness of life. Awareness of our breath is a wonderful way to anchor ourselves into the present. Noticing our body when we breathe in and when we exhale.

*Breathe in & Breathe out*

2. Next, bring to mind a sight of something you are grateful for.

Looking around at nature or where you are- can you see something you are grateful for? Is it a colour? Is it a feeling? Is it an experience? What can you see right now? Can you feel gratitude for being able to see this?

*Breathe in & Breathe out.

3. Next, move to a scent you are grateful for.

Take the time to tune into the appreciation of aroma, What do you notice? Is it the smell of your coffee? Is it the smell of fresh air? Is it the salty smell of the beach? Is it the smell of breakfast? It could even be a gratitude for something familiar that brings you comfort or uplifts you.

*Breathe in & Breathe out*

4. Now, let's tune into the gratitude of sound.

Shift your attention to your ears and the world of sound. What can you hear? How many sounds can you notice and can you feel gratitude for them? Is it the soudns of children? Is it music you can hear? Is it birds chirping? *Close your eyes* Let your mind rest on that gratitude for being able to hear.

*Breathe in & Breathe out*

5. Lets finish off with keeping this attitude of gratitude into our day.

Feel and notice how your mind is in this moment of gratitude, notice your breath and your body.

Take it all in and remind yourself you can always tap into this moment anytime through this practice of breath awareness and gratitude.

-Sit comfortably

-Breathe in

-Breathe out

-Breathe in and bring your shoulders to your ears

-Exhale and move your shoulders away from yours, down your back

Awesome work for taking this time for yourself. I appreciate your time, effort and energy to be present. Have a great weekend!


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