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Trio Oil Blends


This is the perfect option to choose 3 oil blends that can help you with wherever your journey is in this present moment. Perhaps you are needing some more calm in your life, while also having moments you need energy and then ending your day with better sleep. 

Another option is keep 2 oils for you and then maybe gift the third to a friend. 


All the oils are in 10ml roller bottles for easy use. Our labels give instructions for how to use the oils and where on our body it is best to be rolled onto. These oils used are long lasting and can last for weeks or months depending on your own individual use. 


Fractionated Coconut Oil is used for dilution so it is safe for skin. 


Which oil do I choose?


Give Me Sleep: Helping with restful night sleep. 

Calm Me: Allowing our mind to be at ease rather than in fight or flight mode. 

Give Me Energy: Giving our mind and body an energy boost when we are feeling low vibes: 

Relieve Me: Helps to relieve any aches or tension in our body. 

TOM (Time of Month): Works wonders for that tiem of the month ladies. Relieving cramps and tummy aches. 

Motivate Me: Bringing a spring into your step to start your day. 


Trio Oils Blend Pack

$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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