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Santa's Little Helpers


Beautiful Trio roller blends of essential oils to make add to your Christmas experience of eating lots, having one too many wines & enjoying the company of your loved ones. 


All the oils are diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Each roller blend has its' suggested use of where to rub the oil onto for best use. External only. 



Each of the three oils are blended with pure essential oils that help with easing discomfort, providing relief and giving feelings of gratitude and calm. 


- Eating too much: blend of peppermint and lemon. Both oils are known for their healing properties. Rubbing onto you abdomen/belly to help relieve any discomfort, bloating and encourage relief. 


- One too many wines: blend of lavender and peppermint. The use of peppermint helps to awaken your mind and body when feeling low energy. The lavender provides feelings of comfort and encourages you to come into a state of calm relieving and tension within our body/head. 


- Socialising: blend of lavender and cedarwood. No surprise for lavender being used for its calming properties it also allows our minds to be at ease and come into the present moment. Cedarwood brings our mind and body to feel grounded. The aroma of its' earthiness allows us to feel at peace and connection to the serene nature. 


All roller bottles are 10ml. 

Santa's little helpers

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