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Magnesium Mist


This is a wonderful tool for supporting your body, energy and sleep. Use 6-8 sprays on the areas of your body you feel tension, use on the soles of you feet before bed for calm or spray onto your abdomen to help relieve cramping and tummy aches.


Massage the oil well into the skin and apply as needed. 


Benefits of Magnesium:

- Stress relief

- Cramping & PMS relief

- Helps with relaxation and calm

- Relieve sore muscles and joints and restless legs

- Lowering stress hormones


It has been found that about 80% of women are deficient in magnesium so consistently replenishing levels is important for health benefits. Magnesium deficiency can show up as: cramps, PMS, anxiety, poor sleep, headaches, sugar cravings and muscle fatigue.


100% Natural Product. Free of heavy metals. No additives. 100% natural Magnesium Oil. 100% chemical free. 

Magnesium Mist

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