This is beautiful combo of our Botanical Smudge stick paired with your choice of our scented candles. One of our favourite ways to pair our smudge sticks is with our Lemongrass Scented candle, although you can choose a scent that suits you.


An amazing gift for a loved one who may be going through a change, moving into a new space and who may just be feeling a little low energy. 


Lighting the smudge stick and walking around your new space with thoughts and intentions of clearing out any old negative energy and inviting space for new positivity and light. 


Bringing a feeling of grounding, calming and clear minds. 

Clear & Calm Duo

Candle Scent
  • Always ensure the smudge sticks are not left unattended.

    Always make sure the stick is properly put out. They can be placed on a glass plate or bowl as you press the tip of the smudge stick into the glass until it is no longer alight. 


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