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Mindfulness Membership

Wanting to bring more calm, rest & slowness into your life?

This Monthly Membership gives you access to our Monthly Self Care workshops of guided Yoga & Meditation.

Mindfulness Membership is the perfect way to begin filling your cup with little moments of Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Journaling. Each workshop is intentionally created and guided to help you fill your cup and create space in your month to reconnect back to the most important person in your life... you! 

You will have access to:

1x Monthly Rest Workshop + replay.

1x Fill My Cup Workshop + replay.

Access to Members Only Community Group.

Discounts to in person workshops. 

You do not need any experience in Mediation, Yoga or journaling - every practice and workshop is completely Beginner friendly! 

Rest Worksop Details:

45 Minutes


Dates are confirmed at beginning of each month (usually runs midmonth on a weeknight). 

These workshops run monthly and are an online session.  Florence guides you through 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra Meditation which is a completely lying down practice for Rest and Relaxation. 

This workshop is a beautiful way to press pause on the world and check in with your own inner world and at the same fill your Rest bucket. Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice for rest where you are guided through breath awareness, body sensations, visualisations and stress release. This practice is best when it is done consistently but still has incredible benefits from doing it once.

Yoga Nidra Benefits:

- Reduces stress

- Relieves tension

- Helps with anxiety

- Allows quality rest for the mind and body

- Can help with insomnia/troubled sleeping

- Lowers blood pressure

- Balances the nervous system

Fill My Cup Workshop Details:

60 minutes


Runs on 1st day of each month (Time is confirmed closer to date).

These workshops run on the 1st day of each month. Florence guides you through a gentle Yoga practice, Meditation for calm and ends the workshop with a Journaling exercise. Everything in this workshop is beginner friendly and a beautiful way to bring movement, stillness & reflection into your new month. 

Yoga Benefits:

- Releases tension from the body

- Helps relieve stress

- Can help lower anxiety/depression

- Strengthens immune system

- Improves blood flow

- Helps reconnect to self 

- Can help with insomnia/troubled sleeping

- Lowers blood pressure

- Balances the nervous system

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Florence has been teaching Yoga since 2019 after completing her 200 hour Teacher Training in 2018 at Body Mind Life. Her style of Yoga is gentle, grounding and has a big focus on connecting to your breath and guiding you to come back into your body. Each Rest and Fill My Cup Workshop is guided by Florence. 

Each session with Florence will leave you feeling like you can breathe a little easier, more relaxed and connected to self. Try one of Florence's Free Yoga or Meditation pactices here. 

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