Katoa Collection is a local business in Newcastle, NSW Australia. We provide products that inspire women to begin their self care journey. Hand-poured candles, Essential Oils, Self Care Gift boxes, Books for self discovery and products like drinking Cacao and herbal teas to nourish you from the inside out. We also provide our lovely candles at wholesale prices. Use the form below for wholesale candles.

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Wholesale Candles - what we offer

Katoa Collection is passionate about providing products that can create an experience for each customer. Whether it's lighting our candles and hopping into a bubble bath, settling in on the couch with our books or rolling on our Essential oils before bed to encourage better sleep. 

Our intention is to provide high quality products and services. Whether you are wanting to stock our candles at your local store, add it to your own gift boxes or give them as gifts for your special event- we can offer something to suit your needs. We have a wholesale solution for you.

Wholesale Candles - Personalise your labels

Each of our customers come to us with different needs and we love the idea of creating labels for your candle order that perfectly suits you! 

Together we can work together to create candles that work with your colour scheme, white labelling (your own logo on our candles), labels can have your special wedding date and initials on them or they can even have quotes that are special to you and your event. If you are happy with our original labels, that is also fine with us too! 

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Katoa Collection offers products, tools and resources to help you, look after you in your Self Care and Mindfulness journey. Emphasis on nurturing our emotional, spiritual and physical self to the best of our ability. 

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