This is the perfect option for when you have to find a gift for someone but you don't know what to get. 

Leave it to us! Just send us a little message about what the gift is for, who it is for and perhaps what the occassion is of the gift (if there is one). For example I had a customer who didn't know what to get for a kitchen tea gift & so we put together a box of goodies with a little love note. 


The boxes can include a range of items suited to the person. Can range but not limitied to:

-scented candles jars

- large tealight candles

-reed diffuser 

-bath bombs/bath salts

-nail polish

-essential oil blends 

-tea/coffee keep cups

-framed quotes/art

-gift voucher



Surprise Me Box

Candle Scent
Bath Salts or Shower Soap
Clear Home Mug or Keep Cup
Large Candle or Reed Diffuser
Is this a Gift for an event purpose?