New Year Energy Box 


Are you wanting to create a new you and start this year with good vibes? This is for you my love. 

A beautiful box of intention and goodness wtih every single product. We believe self care is a journey we should be riding,this energy box comes with self-care tools which can encourage you on your journey. 


- A beautiful handpoured candle to light on your bedside table to bring peace of mind and calm to your body to restoration. 

- A botanical smudge stick sourced locally to encourage clearing of any negative or stagnant energy within your space and invite positivity, peace and clarity. 

- A roller blend of Wild Orange and Peppermint Essential Oils to encourage energy and motivation for your day. 

- A dreamy Ceramic Keep Cup hand made from another small business in the Gold Coast. Made with so much intention and love. Microwave + Dishwasher safe.  

New Year Energy Box