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These tools are a beautiful way to compliment your Meditation practice or to inspire you to begin a consistent Meditating.


Each candle is hand poured in Newcastle using pure soy wax and oils.


The Meditation Oil blend is made with pure Doterra Essential oils. A blend of Lavender, Frankincense and Sandalwood. Each of these oils are a great support for to inspire mindfulness, grounding and peace. This blend is fractionated with Coconut oil making it safe to roll on your body before your Meditation practice. The psychic shield spray is incredibly grounding and an amazing way to support your energy. Spraying it over yourself before beginning your day or heading into crowded places to protect your energy. 


Each candle is infused with dried rose petals, clear quartz stone and rose quartz stone. These tumbled stones inspire self love, inner healing and balance. 

Meditation Bundle

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