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Good Vibes Box


A beautiful box to gift a loved one who is going through a life change and needing a little pick me up or energy reset! In this box you'll find:


- Botanical Smudge Stick: beautiful blend of herbs and plants to use to light up and cleanse your home. Helps with getting rid of any negative or stagnant energy in your home and make space for new, positive energy! (Comes with an instruction card to use). 

- Lunar Mug: Beautiful way to enjoy your morning coffee/cuppa. Its a jumbo size to save you from doing the double trip to the kettle- perfect! 

- Pair of Gold Palm teaspoons: teaspoons to make that morinng cuppa a little more pretty and topical. 

- Good vibes mist spray: A beautiful blend of Aloe vera with essentials oils to encourage an energy boost, positivty and gratitude. Spray over yourself when you need a pick me up or use as room spray. 

Good Vibes Box

$75.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
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