Ceramic Cup Candles 

Please note: These are limited


These beautiful high quality cups are hand made from the Gold Coast. They are then turned into handpoured candles on our end, bringing different scents to each cup. As these are hand made, no two candles are the same, making each one so unique and beautiful.


We love to make all our jars re-useable and these cups are no different. Bringing a ceramic and simple addition to any room of your home are-purposed as a pen holder, toothbrush holder or even to hold your jewellery. 


To clean the candles, pour hot water into the jars for any left over wax/residue to lift. empty into your bin and not the down the drain, pop  into your dishwasher or hand wash and the rest is up to you!


10 oz ( 280ml)

35-45 hour burn

Ceramic Cup Candles

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