Updated: Feb 5, 2020

It's been almost two months since Oktay and I made the move up to Newcastle. Since visiting and seeing friends and family, we have been getting asked a lot..

"Why did you guys move?".

To be honest it was a number of things and wanting a change of scenery was definitely one of them. Although between many conversations previously it came down to 3 important things for us.

1. Growth

Growing and developing in our life and as a couple is so important for us. Growth is one of our biggest values and it was important for us to understand that it is something that we both need in our life, relationship and career to be able to be our best selves.

After a year of wedding planning and a lot of our energy going into all of that, we took a big step back to see the bigger picture. I remember constantly hearing leading up to our wedding:

"Oh, surely nothing will change for you guys- you've been together forever and you already live together" or "things will basically stay the same but you'll be married".

While i know it was never meant in a certain way- this was possibly the worst thing i could be told. I couldn't think of anything worse than being told you will stay the same. Oktay and I share that value in growing together and individually and i am so grateful for that. I never realised how much i value growth until we got married. Not feeling suffocated in the need to "become one", but rather be in our own light and then coming together to compliment each other rather than complete each other. Our move encourages us to be in an environment that allows us to be semi selfish with our time and spend more time on ourselves and our goals that we speak about. Being able to both grow our businesses was a big part and also be able to grow as people being away from our comfort zones. It was time for us to turn our words into action.

2. De-cluttering

Both physically and mentally being able to de-clutter our life. From moving out of our old apartment and throwing away SO much unused, unappreciated and not even working THINGS. Farrout, that alone was so good. It is incredible the amount of things we hold on to and resist throwing away because we feel that it will mean it is also throwing away a part of ourselves. I don't know what the real science is behind getting rid of things bu it was a real eye opener to seeing how much STUFF we had cluttering our home and taking up energy in our space.

Of course we kept a lot of things but it was more so the idea that if we hadn't used it/worn it/thought about it in a year than it was being chucked.

It also made us look at de-cluttering our day to day and de-cluttering our commitments. We are so very lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives. We absolutely love our favourite humans to bits but sometimes it also meant we would put ourselves on the back-end feeling like we had to commit to every single event.

This is also my own personal journey to learning to say no thank you (lol)- when i figure out how to make that easier i'll let you guys know (lol again).

Being able to start on fresh ground of living simply is the perfect way to explain the de-cluttering process. While we all do spring cleaning here and there, something I have learnt is that Oktay and I share a dangerous sometimes good, sometimes bad trait of, all or nothing. So no spring clean for us, rather nothing like a move to really accentuate the process! Let's burn the boats baby.

Our wedding day, November 16th 2018