Running a Business while being a Mum of 3

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Meet Rhiannon! Mama of 3 beautiful children and boss mama to The Spiritual Toolbox- her small business of all things good for the mind, body & soul. Having a small business myself, I know the difficulties of fighting time to get everything done- which is why I hands down praise this gal for doing all that she does and with SO. MUCH. LOVE. If you are a mum looking to step in to something new or struggling to find some balance or even just a little inspo to your day I hope this blog with this beautiful sparks a light for you. 

What is your drink of choice? Coffee, Tea, Wine, Coconut Water

That depends! I’m trying to quit coffee so I’m loving all kinds of herbal tea at the moment. Although in summer you’ll find me sipping on fresh coconuts out of the shell!

What inspired you to start The Spiritual Toolbox?

I have a lot of interests and am very passionate about aromatherapy, astrology, crystals, energy work and tarot. I couldn’t choose just one as a career path, so I decided to roll them all together into one and create something I’d personally love to receive myself. This is when the Spiritual Toolbox came along.