Behind the Coconut Yogi

My name is Florence and I am on a journey to sharing the lessons and words learnt from being on the mat to inspire change for better living off the mat. My Yoga journey started about 6 years ago as I suffered from back pain and body aches. Little did I know when I walked in to my first Yoga class that it was the start of a beautiful gift to myself.


I want to challenge the view people have of "Yogis". The amount of people who find out I am a Yoga Teacher and think that I am a vegan, doing headstands who never gets angry and doesn't drink alcohol or eat meat. It makes me laugh because I am the complete opposite. I am the first Tongan Yogi, I love meaty BBQ's, I can not do a handstand let alone a headstand, I love my Wine & Gin and I am human with human emotions. I truly believe the golden nuggets that have helped my journey are all things anyone can add to their lives to live brighter and more full-filling lives, not just for "Yogis" but every body. 

I did my Yoga Teacher Training over one whole month with beautiful teachers at Body Mind Life Surry Hills. My personality is open-minded, easy going and supportive and I love for my classes to reflect this. I am grateful for each practice I get to have with my students and invite all Beginner Yogi's to the mat with me. I will have you leaving feeling a little more calm, grateful and often with some little gifts at the end of your practice to inspire you to keep the Yogi Vibes going even after you leave me. 

See more about my journey here.