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Monthly Rest Circle Workshops

First Thursday of every month in August, September & October.
Aug 5th 8pm // Sept 2nd 8pm // Oct 7th 

Feeling tired? Burnt out? Stress? 

These rest circles are for you! In these incredibly high stress times, making the time to press pause on the world and allow ourselves to truly find rest and relaxation can be challenging. It can often feel like taking the time to rest seems not so important but I don't know about you... when I am tired and running on empty- I am really not my best self at all. 

As women especially we can find it so hard to "switch off". It often looks like falling asleep exhausted watching Netflix or putting off resting all together because #WhatisRest. With life events like motherhood, now home schooling, house errands, having our period, work stress, relationships and so on- this workshop is a chance to step away from all those things and take some time for you. 

As we settle into our 45 minute time together, I guide you through some restorative yoga poses and then guide into a lying down meditation for relaxation using Yoga Nidra. For the past year I have been studying Yoga Nidra after attending a class myself and feeling like weight fell off my shoulders and I felt lighter. I knew i had to find out more about the magical rest medicine. 

And now, it would be rude of me to not share it with so many tired humans. 

Come as you are. excited to Rest with you!
Florence xxx