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Breathing Course - 4 Week Online Course

Clifftop Yoga

4 week breathing course to get your mind back to its original breathing


This space is your go-to for finding events tailored towards supporting you on your wellness journey. Each Event is intentionally created to bring about connection, join like-minded women, spread mindfulness and encourage us to practice true self care.
These Events are a safe space to share, heal and grow together. 
Let's grow our Katoa community!
Keep an eye out for events added throughout 2020. 
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With the current news around the world, I believe it to be so important now more than ever to tend to our mental wellbeing. Moving away from fear through connection, even through online platforms to know that we are not alone. I feel very grateful to still be able to share my teachings of Yoga with you via Facetime and Facebook Video Chat. 
My main focus for each session is dependant on the individual needs but will have an overall focus of breath awareness, meditation, poses to encourage grounding of our body and minds and also allowing for much needed rest in Savasana to end our session.
I am open for bookings for Yoga Sessions via Online. 
Sessions available: 45 minute duration and 65 minute duration.
Weekday availability from 7am-6pm. 
Weekend availability varies. 
Prices: 45minutes for $20 or 60minutes $25
To book in please email to book in a time that best suits you:
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