Deep Rest Meditation Series

Join Florence every Monday evening in November, as I guide you through a relaxing and calming journey of Deep Rest Meditation sessions. Yoga Nidra is an incredible practice in helping to calm our nervous systems and switch off from the constant doing to laying down and resting.
Each session is 45 minutes online. 
Find more info + bookings below.

Yoga Nidra is different to Guided Meditations as we practice Yoga Nidra completely lying down rather than sitting and rather than bringing our focus to something, Yoga Nidra guides us to the space right before you fall asleep where it is complete relaxation and bliss. Ofcourse, being so deeply relaxed can bring some of us to fall asleep and if so, wonderful! It must mean you truly need to receive rest. 

Each Week we connect online as we explore a new topic that allows us to grow. As I guide you through our Meditation I invite you to lie down and clear out anything that is not serving you and create space for the week ahead. 

Perfect way to begin the week feeling calm, grounded and supported. To get the most of out of this series I encourage you to show up for each session over the 4 weeks if that is available for you, or even joining for one or two will be super beautiful too. 

Topics are below and each topic will be explored and paired with a Meditation that focuses on that topic of the week:

Week 1 (November 9th)
 Letting go 
Week 2 (November 16th)
 Trusting your inner voice
Week 3 (November 23th)
 Opening your heart
Week 4 (November 30th)
 Coming home to yourself

All sessions will run via zoom online and you will receive the zoom link for your booked session a few days before. 

Can't wait to journey together through November! 

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