COURSES FOR self care & mindfulness  

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A beautiful way to discover Meditation with easy and practical tips and tools you can use straight away! 

Florence here, and I am passionate about teaching people tools and practical ways we can better manage our thoughts. My hope is to make Meditation not so scary, hard, boring or woo-woo and that you can begin a practice on your own after our time together. 
Meditation has an abundance of benefits which I hope you begin to find as we journey through the 4 week series. You will be able to walk away with practical tools that bring you more feeling of calm, ease and happiness! Learning to better manage stress and anxiety and let go of heavy emotions. 

I love being able to make things that seem difficult, simple and do-able and so as we move through this course you can feel encouraged you have the tools to Meditate.


Some topics we discuss through the 4 weeks: 

- Breathing techniques

- Our Nervous System (Fight and Flight vs Rest & Digest)

- Body Scan Meditation

- Self Awareness

- Learning to let go of negative thoughts 

- Understanding our energy within

Some benefits of Meditation:

- Reduces stress

- Increases wellbeing 

- Improves focus

- Provides deeper connection to self and others

- Can help improve memory 

- Creates space in body and mind 

If you've been wanting to try Meditation, come and join me! I promise I make it light hearted, fun and practical! Because that's how i learn best too!
See you soon. 
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Yawn...and again..Can i have a double shot coffee please.. actually make it triple! Yawn...
Sounds familiar right? I know it all too well, because at one point this was me and also because I was the Barista serving tired bodies and busy minds Monday to Friday. If i learnt anything as a Barista it was connecting with so many people telling me their tired, their waiting for Friday, their depleted and they just have no energy to do the things they love. 
As I stepped out from behind the coffee machine onto my Yoga mat and began teaching Yoga, it was the same stories just from people in active wear! This offering of "Calm & Deep Rest" truly found me, as corny as that sounds. I created this class as a way to support people in coming to find true, deep, fulfilling rest. Bringing together Restorative Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Healing Music to take our bodies out of that fight/flight mode and into our rest and digest where all the magic begins to happen in our inner world and inner bodies. 
This is a Candlelit Session (literally.. Katoa Collection Candles ofcourse), so spaces are limited for a more intimate offering and to ensure each student is supported with enough props.
If Self Care is calling you.. book in. 
See you soon.